Snooze Oval Plastic Pet Bed


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The Snooze plastic basket is a comfortable & robust bed for dogs and cats. The base of the basket is perforated to ensure maximum air circulation.  The underside is provided with anti-slip pads for perfect stability. The shape of the bed has been designed not only for elegance but also for the comfort of your pet. Thanks to the lower entrance, your pet can enter or exit the bed easily which is practical for young, older or sick pets.

small: 60cm x 42cm x 20cm (l x w x h)
medium: 70cm x 49cm x 23cm (l x w x h)
large: 80cm x 57cm x 26cm (l x w x h)
x-large: 98cm x 70cm x 30cm (l x w x h)
xx-large: 117cm x 80cm x 34cm (l x w x h)

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