Posh Paws Ruby Embossed Dog Bowl


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Classic Durapet Deluxe embossed stainless steel pet dish is manufactured from the finest quality, heavy gauge stainless steel & features Classic's unique fused-on, non-slip rubber rim, which ensures the dish stays put when your pet is eating. The dish is 3D printed in sumptuous red inside & has a stylish paw print motif, with an embossed hammered design. Finest quality stainless steel is an excellent food grade material which does not retain food odours; dishes can be cleaned in the top shelf of a dishwasher & still maintain their luxurious finish for many years of daily use.

Small 560ml: 13.5cm x 5cm (dia x d)
Medium 1150ml: 16.7cm x 6cm (dia x d)
Large 1900ml: 21cm x 7.3cm (dia x d)

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