Classic Luxury Copper Embossed Dog Bowl

Classic Luxury Copper Embossed Dog Bowl


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The Classic luxury copper effect Cubic printed stainless steel dish is manufactured from the finest quality, heavy gauge stainless steel & features Classic's unique fused-on, non-slip rubber rim, which ensures the dish stays put when your pet is eating. The dish is 3D printed in luxurious copper effect outside with an embossed hammered design. Finest quality stainless steel is an excellent food grade material which does not retain food odours; these dishes can be cleaned in the top shelf of a dishwasher & still maintain their luxurious finish for many years of daily use.

Small 500ml: 12.5cm x 5cm (dia x d)
Medium 950ml: 15cm x 7cm (dia x d)
Large 1900ml: 20cm x 8cm (dia x d)

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